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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Buying Land: Mars Hill, NC and Wolf Laurel Considerations

In a resort market such as ours, many clients who come here with an interest in buying land have not done so before. This posting is for you, and includes a selection of links, articles, and checklists to help you bear in mind the general considerations in the land buying process.

From CNN Money: A 2003 article that is still topical. Many of the points made are quite obvious, such as considering proximity to paved roads, utilities, zoning and so forth. Still, a useful introduction for potential land buyers.

From An overview, with additional links about the land buying process. References include links about wells and septic systems, since city water and sewer are not typically part of the infrastructure in rural locations. The Wolf laurel Resort does however have an excellent community water system in place.

About Septic Systems: A short article on septic system basics, including links about care, upkeep, garbage disposal impact, and so forth.

From (Sometimes a site with pop-ups): A short discussion on loan types and options that are most suitable for a land purchase.

More About Water
No discussion of mountain land would be truly complete without a reference to "dowsing". It is something that is embedded in the culture here, and is suggested as a necessary step by many local, long time mountaineers that I have encountered. I offer no opinions on its efficacy, but will note that Albert Einstein was apparently a proponent of dowsing. Decide for yourself about this little aspect of mountain mystique.

American Society of Dowsers: Official Website.

Wikipedia Entry on Dowsing: Everything, (and more), that one ever wanted to know on the subject.

From Presents studies on dowsing, rebuttals, and a wealth of links.

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