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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Asheville & Mars Hill NC Vacation Haven: Considerations in Renting Your Second Home


Amy Gunderson, who writes about second home issues for The NY Times, has an article this week entitled: "Attracting Vacation Home Renters". After some amount of time the NY Times requires registration for its articles, so I will preserve some of the high points, and my own point of view with our local market on this blog.

The thrust of her discussion is that the vacation rentals market is ever more crowded. As such, second home owners need to think about amenities, furnishings and such that will distinguish their home from the rest. To wit:
In an increasingly crowded vacation rental market, high-speed Internet access, plasma televisions, and even 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets can help distinguish a home and bring in renters.
Gunderson adds that making a vacation home amenable to families with children can also lessen vacancy rates. Included under this thought would be such things as DVDs, or, as one lessor did, even adding an X Box 360.

The article also speaks to the idea of renting a second home on the vacation market by yourself. Links are provided to such web sites as How To Rent By Owner, Vacation Rentals By Owner, more commonly known as, and Home Away.

I find that I must take exception to this gung ho, do it yourself position and offer a few caveats to potential vacation landlords. My own experience at The Wolf laurel Ski Slopes during heavy house rental weekends in winter is all the recollection I need. Owners should not underestimate the number of after hours calls that will happen, covering everything from no hot water to "I can't find the switch for the power downstairs."

In the opinion of this observer, whatever fees and conditions are negotiated with a rental agency are well worth the added freedom in one's personal life.

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