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Thursday, June 14, 2007

About Fireplaces: A Mars Hill & Wolf Laurel Hot Spot


With the advent of gas logs, fireplaces have come to reclaim a central place in the American home, and it is certainly the case here in the Mars Hill, NC and Wolf Laurel area. Other than eliminating all of the soot and particulate problems however, the architecture of most of them remains unchanged, and thus the issue of heat loss and wasted dollars remains.

This little posting was inspired by a look at home renovation ideas where I came across the following slide show at "This Old House", which looks at some fireplace and mantle design/decorating schemes. Obviously, any thorough blog for mountain homeowners should also offer resources for fireplace efficiency, for our wallets, as well as the region, and the planet.

Whether you use your fireplace(s) with wood or gas, here is a list of links to increase efficiency. Most are short reads, much is common sense, but as always, the utility here is to provide a reference for when you do undertake that home improvement/spring cleaning project.

The Fireplace Shopper: Quick List and Outbound Links.
Fireplace Lowdown: An entire blog, apparently devoted to ALL things about the fireplace.
From LSU: A slightly more academic discussion of fireplace heat loss, with suggestions.
From Bob Vila: An off the beaten path suggestion on fireplace efficiency.
Conscious Choice: A question and answer format, with a few more hidden ideas.
From This Blog: A previous posting that includes information on chimneys and chimney sweeps.

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