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Monday, February 19, 2007

Monitoring Your Second Home From Home

Here is a pertinent topic for owners of second homes. The NY Times recently, (02/07/07), ran an article on some of the latest wireless and broadband developments for monitoring a home from a distance. I personally found the substance of the column to be a little lacking, but it did provide the names of a few firms who are vying for a place in this market, so I took the opportunity to visit their websites.

I must offer the disclaimer that I have NO experience whatsoever with such devices or entities. I do however have a pretty good grasp of what kinds of features would make a good product for absent resort home owners in the Wolf Laurel area.

Crime is not a big factor here. Most of the developments in our area are close knit, or have a 24 hour gated entrance. So your vacant home is never really alone. This does not mean that one should not be concerned with traditional security features such as motion detectors, video cameras smoke, window and door alarms. Most firms emphasize these features.

The bigger issues for me would be to know that my heating system was functioning correctly during winter storms, or if the power was still on during that ice storm and thus, that my home was safe from damage. In the age of the internet, all of these things are possible by simply logging on. It is even possible to reset thermostats, or change the schedule of lighting from afar.

The range of features offered in the 21st century is pretty large. Some of the websites I toured even offer the ability to view CD or DVD covers so that night time entertainment can be scheduled when you arrive for that week away from home. Here are a few firms in the business.
(Repeat Disclaimer: This is NOT an endorsement, and there is no substitute for your own personal research.)

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