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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tips for Sellers Archive

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A Closer Look at Home Valuation Sites Like Zillow or HomeGain in a Resort Micro- Market:A quick rundown and demonstration of the drawbacks to putting too much faith in valuation sites for sellers, or in the completeness of listings if you are a buyer.

Another Look at Automated Valuations in a Mountain Micro Market: These tools remain plagued by incomplete and untimely data. These aspects are magnified in a small resort micro market. A human being remains your best bet for such questions.

All Real Estate Data, Statistics, and market analysis for sellers have been moved to this archive.

Home Warranties: The Do's and Dont's
Resources for Buyers, Sellers, and Mountain Home Owners:
Resources for Buyers, Sellers, and Mountain Home Owners:

Professional Home Staging: Worth Paying For?:
Staging a Home For Sale:
Staging a Home For Sale For $100:
Staging a Home on $500.00:
Staging a Home For Sale: From $100 to $5,000:
Fake Home Staging:

HOME IMPROVEMENTS & ROI, (Return on Investment)
Home Improvement Scams: Resources and references for spotting home improvement scammers in advance, including some little covered aspects pertinent to the mountains.

CNN Money: A look at five home renovation fads, and "the right way and the wrong way" to go about it. Includes other resources for readers.

ROI: Return on Investment in Matters of Home Improvement Projects: Some outbound links and analysis from the likes of Forbes, and Money CNN.

Home Improvements & ROI Vol 2: Ideas to double one's money in certain common areas, with short video from The Today Show. Projects include, decks, fireplaces, laundry rooms, 2 car garages, and the kitchen.

Manspace: Men of the house have always had workshops or studies that were there private enclaves. This posting looks at recent trends for such gender based retreats in the media.

Fall Home Maintenance: Good set of resources and outbound links to remind ourselves of those "get ready for winter" items that might impact a sale.

Comparing Costs of Various Popular Heating Fuels: A pretty good tool for buyers or sellers to estimate the dollars it will take to heat that dream home. easy grade school arithmetic.

Fireplace Efficiency: Whether you heat with gas logs or wood, this is a good source of information on saving money through heat loss. Applicable to our mountain region.

About Log Homes: Just some introductory information and outbound links about topics ranging from basic mistakes, to wiring, to design evaluations.

Log Home Maintenance for Fall: Covers some considerations about winter preparation for log homes in particular.

Mountain Landscaping: Discussion on the advantages of using native vegetation in terms of soil stabilization and ease of upkeep. Includes outbound links to plant selectors, light, and water considerations.

Mountain Landscaping Ideas and Workshops: More on the wisdom of using native plants, including links to local landscaping workshops and online resources.

News Roundup: Tidbits and outbound links to items of curiosity, taxes, and market analysis from around the web.


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