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Friday, January 26, 2007

Tips for Homeowners

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Insurance and Taxes
The Anomaly of Rising Property Taxes and Falling Values
Property Taxes Revisited: Falling State Revenues
The Funny Side of Property Taxes: Finally explaining how tax assessors work.
Monitoring Your Second Home From Home: 21st century methods to monitor from a distance.

Resources for Buyers, Sellers, and Mountain Homeowners

Insurance and Your Second Home: Discounts, and tips for optimizing insurance costs.

An Overview of Home Insurance Resources: Includes topics for second homes and empty nesters, as well as disaster tips.

HOME IMPROVEMENT AND ROI, (Return on Investment)
Does Granite Emit Radon?: Information to test.
Chinese Drywall, Corrosion, Odors, and Human Health

Home Improvement Scams

CNN Money: A look at five home renovation fads, and "the right way and the wrong way" to go about it. Includes other resources for readers.

ROI: Home Improvement Projects Vol 1
Home Improvements Vol 2

Composite Decks: A large primer on this growing material, includes numerous outbound links to separate reality from myth about composites.

Manspace: Men of the house have always had workshops or studies that were there private enclaves. This posting looks at recent trends for such gender based retreats in the media.

STAGING: It's Really Just Renovation of a Sort
Staging a Home on $500.00: Great tips for homes that tend to be dark, or have small rooms. Includes a staging video from The Today Show on NBC.

Staging a Home For Sale: From $100 to $5,000: Another in our series on staging a home, includes a Today Show video on what can be accomplished. Good insights for homes that are dark, using space, leasing furniture, and typical buyer perceptions.

Considerations on Attracting Renters to Your Second Home: Stems for a NY Times article, with some first hand experience thrown in.

Thinking of Renting Your Second Home?: Considerations on how to avoid certain pitfalls when renting you second home on your own.

Comparing Costs of Different Heating Fuels: Several tools to assist in efficiency, upkeep, and the cost of running a home.

Going Green: Resources and discussion of the economics of implementing energy efficient devices into new or existing homes.

Fireplace Efficiency: Whether you heat with gas logs or wood, this is a good source of information on saving money through heat loss. Applicable to our mountain region.

Fall Home Maintenance: Good set of resources and outbound links to remind ourselves of those "get ready for winter" items.

Autumn Leaves: Video from "Ask The Builder" as to simple leaf removal.

About Log Homes: Just some introductory information and outbound links about topics ranging from basic mistakes, to wiring, to design evaluations.

Log Home Maintenance for Fall: Covers some considerations about winter preparation for log homes in particular.

Thoughts on Owning Golf Course Homes: A collection of thoughts from savvy area residents, and experienced golf home owners about everything from cart noise to fairway sprinkler systems.

Mountain Landscaping: Discussion on the advantages of using native vegetation in terms of soil stabilization and ease of upkeep. Includes outbound links to plant selectors, light, and water considerations.

Mountain Landscaping Ideas and Workshops: More on the wisdom of using native plants, including links to local landscaping workshops and online resources.

Retaining Water in Potted Plants: Periodic droughts can stress house plants. This post links to a series of videos and information on home gardening.


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