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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tips for Buyers Archive

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Articles Posted in Categories

Measuring Your Debt to Equity Ratio Made Simple: Grammar school arithmetic for anyone.

A Closer Look at Home Valuation Sites Like Zillow or HomeGain in a Resort Micro- Market
An Updated Look at Automated Valuations in a Mountain Micro Market

Home Warranties: The Do's and Dont's
Monitoring Your Second Home From Home
Resources for Buyers, Sellers, and Mountain Home Owners
An Overview of Home Insurance Resources:
Insurance and Your Second Home

All Real Estate Data, Statistics, and analysis for buyers have been moved to this archive.

Buying a Second Home or Lot, The Basics: the purchase of a second home has a slightly different set of logic, questions and concerns than for a primary residence. Financing, taxes, timing your purchase, insurance, and the prospect of renting said home are covered here.
Building a Second Home?
Buying Mountain Land?
Matters of Timing When Buying or Selling Vacation Homes and Land

HOME IMPROVEMENT & ROI, (Return on Investment)
Does Granite Emit Radon?: Information to test.
Chinese Drywall, Odors, Corrosion and Human Health
Home Improvement Scams
Fireplace Efficiency
From CNN Money: A look at five home renovation fads, and "the right way and the wrong way" to go about it. Includes other resources for readers.
ROI: Return on Investment in Matters of Home Improvement Projects
Home Improvements & ROI Vol 2
Composite Decks Anyone?
Manspaces: aka Mancaves

Mountain Landscaping: Using native vegetation, plant selectors, light, and water considerations.
Mountain Landscaping Ideas and Workshops

Considerations on Attracting Renters to Your Second Home
Thinking of Renting Your Second Home?

Comparing Costs of Different Heating Fuels: Several tools to assist in efficiency, upkeep, and the cost of running a home.

Going Green: Resources and discussion of the economics of implementing energy efficient devices into new or existing homes.

Fall Home Maintenance: Good set of resources and outbound links to remind ourselves of those "get ready for winter" items that might impact a home purchase.

Comparing Costs of Various Popular Heating Fuels: A pretty good tool for buyers or sellers to estimate the dollars it will take to heat that dream home. easy grade school arithmetic.

About Log Homes: Just some introductory information and outbound links about topics ranging from basic mistakes, to wiring, to design evaluations.

Log Home Maintenance for Fall: Covers some considerations about winter preparation for log homes in particular.

Thoughts on Owning Golf Course Homes: A collection of thoughts from savvy area residents, and experienced golf home owners about everything from cart noise to fairway sprinkler systems.

Asheville Area Makes Sperling's "Best Places to Live" at #8: A quick look at the criteria and an invitation to peruse our media.

Asheville Area White Water Rafting: Water levels in rivers get low in summertime. How to get the trip you pictured, and the most value for your dollar from a 35 year white water veteran. Information on age requirements, and different trip styles as they relate to you.

White Water Rafting and the Drought: Vol 2, reviewing Asheville white water rafting trips, and finding the best options during dry summers. real time water data, and veteran suggestions about where are the best choices for fun.

Independence Day: Regional events and references.

Trout Fishing: An important part of the Western NC economy, this posting is a collection of links on stream flows, licenses, campgrounds, and trout etiquette during dry periods.

Video Tour of Downtown Asheville: 4 minute video found on Google, with some relaxing music and a good number of architectural views, a feeling of what it is like to "be downtown" for those not familiar.

Asheville Wine and Wineries Information: Much of NC's 10th ranked wine industry is centered in the mountains in and near Asheville. This is a collection of links and information about the wines, wineries, and wine tours in the area.

Resources for Biking and Mountain Biking Near Asheville: Everything from local clubs, to etiquette, maps, and best local rides. Have fun.

Asheville Images: Just a shuffling slide show of recreational and cultural opportunities in the greater Wolf Laurel area.

Outside Magazine names Asheville as one of "America's Best Outdoor Cities": Links to the text of the magazine's article, and reprises the outdoor activity articles that we have written on our blog previously. Includes white water rafting, fishing, fly fishing, biking, and more.

More "Best Places to Live Designations for Asheville: Asheville tops two more of these lists. This time accolades come from Outside Magazine and Relocate America.

Best Times to Visit Asheville: from tourism industry insiders, tips on the benefits of visiting during the so called off-season.

News Roundup: Tidbits and outbound links to items of curiosity, taxes, and market analysis from around the web.


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