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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Second Home Issues

Articles Arranged In Categories

Buying/Selling Second Homes & Land
Buying a Second Home or Lot, The Basics: the purchase of a second home has a slightly different set of logic, questions and concerns than for a primary residence. Financing, taxes, timing your purchase, insurance, and the prospect of renting said home are covered here.

Building a Second Home: Thoughts and resources that cover everything from searching for the land, to choosing and working with contractors, architects, and landscapers.

Buying Mountain Land: Collection of Links and articles that overview the process of buying raw land, including wells, driveways, septic systems and even "dowsing".

Matters of Timing When Buying or Selling Vacation Homes and Land: A look at the basics of seasonal cycles in resort market real estate sales. Insights for both parties in a vacation home transaction.

Insurance on Second Homes
Monitoring Your Second Home From Home: A little look into 21st century methods to monitor your mountain home from a distance.

Resources for Buyers, Sellers, and Mountain Home Owners: A First installment of information and links on topics ranging from second home insurance to monthly upkeep.

An Overview of Home Insurance Resources: Includes topics for second homes and empty nesters, as well as disaster tips

Insurance and Your Second Home: Find discounts, and tips for optimizing insurance costs and coverage for your second home.

Renting Your Vacation Home?
Considerations on Attracting Renters to Your Second Home: Stems for a NY Times article, with some first hand experience thrown in.

Thinking of Renting Your Second Home?: Considerations on how to avoid certain pitfalls when renting you second home on your own.

Vacation Home Rental Income in Western North Carolina: Looks at 3 basic rules and how this applies to making a profit or simply defraying costs of ownership.

Gasoline, Vacations, and Second Home Rentals: How rising costs for gasoline can be a boon for second home rentals.


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